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Injective Exchanges

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Binance BTC/USDT Buy here BTC/USDT -
KuCoin BTC/USDT Buy here
Huobi Global BTC/USDT -
Gemini BTC/USD -
Kraken XBT/USD -
Coinone BTC/KRW -
Poloniex BTC/USDT - Exchange LTC/USDT -
Binance TR LTC/BUSD -
PancakeSwap (V2) LTC/WBNB -
Phemex LTC/USDT -
SushiSwap MIM/WETH -
Indodax LTC/IDR -
WazirX XRP/INR -
Tokocrypto LTC/USDT -
PancakeSwap DOGE/BUSD -
Paribu WAVES/TRY -
BitMart DGB/BTC -
Upbit DGB/BTC -
Bitvavo VTC/EUR -
Injective Pro INJ/USDT -
Orion Protocol BSC EFX/USDT -
ZebPay FIL/INR -
Dcoin NLC2/BTC -
Pionex DGB/USDT -
DigiFinex DGB/USDT -
Nominex DGB/USDT -
Korbit MED/KRW -
Unocoin REP/INR -
Hotcoin Global REP/USDT -
Vauld DGB/INR -
Hotbit PPC/USDT -
Decoin MLN/USDT -
VCC Exchange DGB/USDT -
To learn more about this project, check out our in-depth study on Injective Protocol. What is Injective Protocol (INJ)? Injective enables access to unlimited decentralized financial markets. Users can build any financial market with Injective's fast, cross-chain, gas-free, secure and fully decentralized trading protocol. and lightning-fast transaction speeds (over 10,000 TPS). The unique Injective decentralized ordebrook exchange protocol is capable of supporting cross-chain trading of cryptocurrencies, perpetuals, futures, synthetics, and exotic assets across various blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, and Cosmos. The Injective ecosystem includes more than 100 projects and more than 200,000 community members from around the world. Injective is backed by a group of leading investors like Binance, Pantera Capital, and Mark Cuban. What is the Injective Token (INJ)? INJ is the native token of the Injective Protocol. INJ is a scarce asset that is used for governance, acquisition of exchange value, extraction of cash, and participation. 60% of all trading fees are used to buy back and burn INJ every two weeks, allowing the supply of INJ to dramatically decrease over time. Aside from this, Injective Protocol transactions introduced by new Injective ecosystem projects also help to burn more INJ. You can start using INJ on the Injective Hub for several different DeFi use cases here. Who are the founders of Injective Labs? Injectvie Labs is the R&D company that started contributing to Injective Protocol. Eric Chen is the co-founder of Injective Labs. Prior to founding Injective, he worked as a cryptocurrency researcher and trader at a major cryptocurrency fund, where he led innovative market-neutral trading initiatives in the blockchain space, as well as investments in ventures. important ones like 0x, ChainLink and Cosmos. Chen has extensive knowledge of blockchain protocols and traditional finance, along with a native understanding of both Eastern and Western blockchain-based protocols and communities. Albert Chon is the CTO of Injective Labs. He graduated with bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science from Stanford University and was a software development engineer at Amazon. He is known for pioneering a new Ethereum standard that is used in several major projects today and co-founded Injective Labs with Eric Chen. What makes Injective Protocol unique? Injective allows anyone to access, create and trade unlimited DeFi markets. This means that cryptocurrencies, futures, perpetuals and sophisticated financial derivatives can be traded on Injective in a fully decentralized way. Trades are blazing fast, achieve instant purpose, and cost absolutely nothing in gas fees. Injective users can seamlessly trade on various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Cosmos, and Binance Smart Chain. Injective is also capable of facilitating trades between Cosmos-based projects like Terra. Injective is the first custom interoperable protocol built for decentralized finance applications. Anyone can create new cross-chain DApps using Ethereum-based tools, fast transaction times, and instant purpose while receiving unprecedented developer incentives. Native Ethereum support allows developers to leverage existing Ethereum tools to power their DApps. Anyone can run DeFi applications on parallel chains to reach millions of users with infinite scalability. How is the network protected from the Injective protocol? The Injective protocol blockchain operates on a Tendermint-based proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Important validators help protect the network while making it more decentralized. Injective's consent mechanism achieves the purpose of instant transaction leading to a 99% lower carbon footprint. Where can you buy the Injective Protocol (INJ)? Injective Protocol (INJ) tokens are available on most major exchanges. Binance has the highest INJ/USD trading volume at $12,687,084. This is the most popular exchange to buy INJ. Other good options include Bilaxy, Huobi Global, and Uniswap. It is important to note that buying cryptocurrencies carries risks, just like traditional investments. Learn more about how to buy cryptocurrencies with us.