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PoW SHA-256 Store Of Value State Channel Coinbase Ventures Portfolio Three Arrows Capital Portfolio Polychain Capital Portfolio Binance Labs Portfolio Blockchain Capital Portfolio BoostVC Portfolio CMS Holdings Portfolio DCG Portfolio DragonFly Capital Portfolio Electric Capital Portfolio Fabric Ventures Portfolio Framework Ventures Portfolio Galaxy Digital Portfolio Huobi Capital Portfolio Alameda Research Portfolio a16z Portfolio 1Confirmation Portfolio Winklevoss Capital Portfolio USV Portfolio Placeholder Ventures Portfolio Pantera Capital Portfolio Multicoin Capital Portfolio Paradigm Portfolio Mineable Smart Contracts Hashkey Capital Portfolio Kenetic Capital Portfolio Ethereum Ecosystem Injective Ecosystem BNB Chain Scrypt Medium of Exchange Binance Chain Masternodes Platform Hybrid - PoW & PoS Staking Payments NeoScrypt Collectibles & NFTs Multiple algorithms Privacy Gambling Gaming XRP Arrington XRP Capital Portfolio Enterprise Solutions Hybrid - PoS & LPoS PoS Doggone Doggerel Memes Wallet IoT Blake Myr-Groestl QuBit Skein E-commerce X11 Education Services Communications & Social Media Stablecoin Moonriver Ecosystem Avalanche Ecosystem Arbitrum Ecosystem BLAKE256 Crowdfunding Research SIGMA Groestl Grostl-512 rPOS Interoperability Storage Distributed Computing Filesharing Omni Scaling PoST X13 PoP CryptoNight BNB Smart Chain M7 POW Web3 PoC Metaverse Ethash DApp Health DeFi Asset-Backed Stablecoin Algorithmic Stablecoin Hybrid - PoW & PoM & PoSII M7M yescript Marketplace Centralized Exchange Hybrid - PoW & nPoS Quantum-Resistant X15 Hybrid - dPoW & PoW PoI Fantom Ecosystem Asset Management Lyra2Z NIST5 SHA-256D X16R Music Scrypt-n Lyra2RE CryptoNight-Lite Quark DPoS Substrate Polkadot Ecosystem Governance Dagger-Hashimoto Media Entertainment X11GOST Fenbushi Capital Portfolio Data Provenance Oracles Prediction Markets Reputation Polygon Ecosystem Marketing Mobile Software POS 3.0 Decentralized Exchange Social Money Content Creation DAO Retail Luxury Yield Farming Manufacturing Fashion Art United States of America 1GB AES Pattern Search X14 LPoS Cosmos Ecosystem Hybrid - PoS & PoP Blake2S Hybrid - PoS & PoD PoWT DEX United Kingdom Loyalty Zero Knowledge Proofs Government Atomic Swaps Bulletproofs Equihash Identity Timestamping DAG Military Mixer & Coinjoin Escrow Jobs Argon2 LedgerPrime Portfolio XEVAN EOS Mauritius Canada Portugal PoSign Crowdsourcing Events AMM Cardano Ecosystem Cardano Derivatives Seigniorage Yield Aggregator LP Tokens DeFi Index Polkadot AI & Big Data Logistics Energy Binance Coin RingCT Real Estate Yearn Partnerships Wrapped Tokens Play To Earn Search Engine Philanthropy Layer 2 ParaFi Capital VR/AR Sharing Economy Hardware Solana Ecosystem Social Token Mobile Payment Cybersecurity Sharding Discount Token OKExChain Ecosystem Lending & Borrowing Finance / Banking Fiat Argentina Spain Cross-Chain Transport Hospitality Video Adult Token DeFi 2.0 Commodities Tourism Binance Launchpad Algorand Ecosystem Sports Proof-of-Authority Animoca Brands Portfolio DeFiance Capital Portfolio Spartan Group Synthetics TPoS Options Agriculture Insurance Liechtenstein Bosnia and Herzegovina Germany Exnetwork Capital Portfolio Tokenized Gold Move To Earn China Sidechain USD Stablecoin EUR Stablecoin Launchpad Viet Nam Switzerland Waves Fan token TRON Ecosystem Analytics Ontology Ecosystem PIVX DAO Maker Mexico Brazil Costa Rica Italy Mimblewimble LelantusMW Coinfund Portfolio Hedera Hashgraph Ecosystem Celo Ecosystem Sweden Estonia VeChain Singapore PoA Belgium Cuckoo Cycle NFTb Launchpad Stellar Chromia Ecosystem Blake2b Cosmos MVB Harmony Ecosystem Polkastarter OKEx Blockdream Ventures Portfolio Rollups Nigeria Bulgaria Terra Ecosystem Horizen ETH 2.0 Staking Asset-Backed Token Tokenized Stock Near Protocol Ecosystem Japan RSK Smart Bitcoin Hacken Foundation Australia United Arab Emirates India Food & Beverage Virgin Islands (British) Kuwait Aave Tokens Poland Rebase Protocol-Owned Liquidity Leverage tokens Trustswap Launchpad Korea Republic of VBC Ventures Portfolio HECO Ecosystem Olympus Pro Ecosystem Zilliqa Ecosystem Czechia Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator Tezos Ecosystem Russian Federation Hybrid - PoW & DPoS Binance Launchpool Poolz Finance Portfolio Gaming Guild Ferrum Network Stratis DuckSTARTER Bounce Launchpad Hive LaunchZone PolkaFoundry Red Kite Icetea Labs PetRock Capital Portfolio SkyVision Capital Portfolio Wanchain Superstarter Oxbull Genpad Magnus Capital Portfolio BlueZilla BullPerks Launchpad Moonbeam Ecosystem Shabal-256 Chiliz ICON Moon Knight Labs Neo IOST IoTeX Ecosystem Geospatial Services Gains Associates Cronos Ecosystem K300 Ventures Portfolio Scrypt-adaptive-N SolRazr Kommunitas Launchpad Farastarter Elrond Ecosystem XDC Ecosystem Maritime Keccak SHA-512 SHA-3 x17 VITE Capital Portfolio Red Packets Bitcoin Cash Seedify Hybrid - PoS & PoW & PoT Everscale Ecosystem