Definitive guide to investing in WeOwn (CHX) Token. Explanation, price and staking

WeOwn Exchanges

Exchange Market Pairs Buy
PancakeSwap (V2) LTC/WBNB -
AscendEX (BitMax) LTC/USDT -
Hotbit PPC/USDT -
WeOwn (CHX) is a self-service digital platform that helps SMEs better manage their investor and stakeholder engagement. For businesses seeking financing, WeOwn offers access to peer-to-peer lending and equity financing. Much more than a "quick fix" digital platform, we enable companies and investors to conduct the entire relationship, including voting, securely online. The platform is easy to use, easy to navigate and safe to explore. The key difference between WeOwn and other trade finance platforms is that we have built our technology from the ground up, including our underlying blockchain and tokenization engine. This allows us to offer a flexible software as a service (SaaS) integration model. WeOwn currently offers the following services; Loans (SMEs), individuals and amp; Stock and Public Debt Offerings (STOs), shareholder engagement/management tools, tokenization, p2p trading and much more. Future planned additions to the WeOwn ecosystem; WeEchange (decentralized exchange), cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency lending, further improvements and additions to the DeFi protocol.