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Verium Reserve (VRM) was created to support the VeriCoin blockchain and serve as an independent store of value resource. Verium's Proof of Work Time (PoWT) protocol aims to address blockchain scalability issues by introducing a new variable block time paradigm that speeds up network transactions by increasing mining power. The team says that variable block times allow Verium to scale automatically by improving transaction speeds and network capacity to ensure high levels of network security at any level of mining performance. By linking the binary chain and the Verium Auxiliary Mining Protocol (AuxPOW), Verium will also process VeriCoin blocks. This protocol reportedly speeds up the VeriCoin block time to less than 30 seconds. These technologies reportedly allow the VeriCoin network to provide an efficient and scalable system for consumer transactions. Dual Blockchain (or Binary-Chain) combines a digital currency (VeriCoin) with a digital reserve (Verium). Its goal is to secure and speed up transactions by leveraging complementary protocol technologies (Proof-of-Time and Proof-of-Work) in a blockchain system. The objective is to offer a complete solution to guarantee low-cost, secure, fast and scalable digital transactions.