Universal Store of Value

Universal Store of Value

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Universal Store of Value Exchanges

Exchange Market Pairs Buy
PancakeSwap (V2) LTC/WBNB -
SushiSwap (Polygon) WMATIC/STAK -
TraderJoe MIM/WAVAX -
RadioShack (Polygon) SHACK/ELK -
RadioShack (Avalanche) RADIO/ELK -
RadioShack (Ethereum) RADIO/SPWN -
SushiSwap MIM/WETH -

Universal Store of Value (USV) is a logical, fair and energy efficient alternative to Bitcoin: Bitcoin pays miners with newly minted inflationary coins, but doesn't reward its "hodlers." The USV, on the other hand, rewards its hodlers (stakers). USV's multi-chain protocol, available on many networks, contrasts sharply with Bitcoin's energy-inefficient proof-of-work blockchain. Users can choose to keep USVs on a green, low-power blockchain such as Avalanche or Polygon. Even after 13 years of existence, the top 10,000 Bitcoin holders still control around 1/3 of the cryptocurrency in circulation, according to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research. However, 3 of the largest initial USV wallets are protocol safes not owned by anyone (PODL, RACL, KFML wallets make up 65% of initial supply). These initial large holdings do not belong to anyone and the main ones are permanently locked. Additionally, PODL (50% of initial supply) is never being staked and therefore is diluted over time, allowing newcomers to gain market share. USV's approach contrasts sharply with other VC-funded protocols where injustice reigns: a small number of large investors own the vast majority of the initial offering. (Read the following sections for details of the NETD strategy.) At the heart of FSU's ethic of equality is charitable giving built into the protocol through its Reciprocal Altruism Charity Lockbox (RACL). We hope that all protocols embrace the same win-win philanthropic ideology as USV to improve the world we live in.