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What is Swaperry (PERRY) Swaperry is a decentralized exchange (DEX) designed to be high-performance, transparent, and feature-rich for asset traders. It is built on the foundation of the Polkadot ecosystem, which aims to offer scalability, significantly faster transactions, and cheaper fees. Swaperry's current products include: A user-friendly AMM-based exchange with advanced features previously only available on centralized exchanges, such as limit orders, options, derivatives On-chain support within the polka dot ecosystem and possibly externally to other popular blockchains (bitcoin, ethereum, etc). A suite of tools that help traders analyze the market, aggregate prices, and make informed decisions. What problems does Swaperry solve? There are currently 2 types of exchanges on the market. Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) are traditional exchanges, powered by an off-chain system and typically allow asset trading via an order book. Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) are a new form of trading that has recently gained popularity. Its decentralized architecture allows users to trade anonymously, securely, and without custody. The most popular DEXs use an automatic market maker (AMM) approach to facilitate trading, as opposed to order books. While DEXs have seen a huge increase in usage in recent years, CEXs still produce the majority of trading volumes, because DEXs come at a price: 1) transactions are often delayed and slow, 2) most DEXs do not offer crossover. on-chain trades, 3) the UI is more confusing, 4) advanced features like options, limits, and margins are non-existent. Swaperry aims to be the next generation of DEX by solving these 4 limitations. Taking advantage of Polkadot, a very fast & amp; Affordable parachute ecosystem, Swaperry employs smart algorithms and optimization techniques that make trading comparable to CEX. Ultimately, set an ambitious yet achievable goal to show the world that CEX is the past and DEX is the future. How many PERRY tokens are there? Swaperry plans to launch on the mainnet in July with 10 million PERRY tokens created in genesis. Additional tokens are minted linearly over the next 5 years, totaling 200 million tokens, to support the product, its development and future expansion. The allocation of all tokens is as follows: 6% Seed Sale 16.5% Private Sale 2.5% Public Sale 9% Marketing & List 20% of team founders & Consultants6% Ecosystem20% Liquidity Mining20% FoundationWho are the founders of Swaperry?Swaperry was passionately created by Phil Dang (CEO) and Tuan Nguyen (CTO), both with strong engineering backgrounds. Phil Dang, was a senior software engineer based in Silicon Valley. He worked at Facebook, followed by Google, for many years. He met and befriended Tuan Nguyen, a veteran US Motorola engineer, on a business trip in 2015. The two shared their enthusiasm for blockchain technology and later formed the Swaperry team in September 2019. The project grew into Swaperry, now with almost 20 engineers. and a large group of established consultants, including the founders of Rikkeisoft, PolkaFoundry, Kyber Networks, and Tomochain. Where can I buy PERRY tokens? Swaperry is currently in its pre-launch phase, so its tokens are not yet on the market. He plans to do IDO in June and IEO on popular exchanges in July. Please check back later for updates.