Definitive guide to invest in XIDR (XIDR) Token. What is it, price and yields

XIDR Exchanges

Exchange Market Pairs Buy
Liquid BTC/JPY -
ZilSwap SWTH/ZIL -
Uniswap (V3) MIM/USDC -
DFX Finance(Ethereum) USDC/EURS -
What is XIDR? XIDR is the fully collateralized Indonesian rupiah stablecoin powered by open source blockchain protocols. XIDR aims to be the most affordable IDR-backed stablecoin, where minting and swapping of XIDRs with IDRs are freely available through the StraitsX platform and where on-chain outbound transaction fees are limited. Which blockchains support XIDR? XIDR tokens are available in two different blockchain protocols. XIDR (ERC-20) tokens are available on the Ethereum blockchain and can be stored with any ERC-20 compliant wallet. XIDR (ZRC-2) tokens run on the Zilliqa blockchain as a ZRC-2 token and can be stored with any ZRC-2 compatible wallet. Who issues XIDR? XSGD is issued by PT Xfers StraitsX Indonesia, an Indonesian subsidiary of Fazz Financial Group Pte Ltd, Singapore. digital asset markets. Send Indonesian rupiahs on Blockchain Make low-cost, near-instant XIDR transfers around the world, 24/7, reliably and securely without the need for a third-party clearing agent. Interoperable between digital asset markets Transfer, spend and receive XIDR with StraitsX partners across multiple blockchains and a wide range of supported apps. Compatible with DeFi protocols Leverage XIDR in decentralized finance or "DeFi" applications. Trade or provide liquidity with XIDR to participate in the future of finance. Where can I get XIDR? People can mint and redeem XIDR on the StraitsX platform and spend XIDR with StraitsX partners. For a complete list of supported platforms and apps, visit straitsx.com.