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STAY IN DESTINY WORLD REVIEWStay in Destiny World (SIW) will make a groundbreaking and groundbreaking entry into the world of the metaverse later this year. So why is this game so hyped and what innovation will it bring to the table? Let's take a look from the perspective of players and investors. A FREE PASS FOR ENTHUSIASTS 5,000 lucky daily players will be able to play the game without having to buy SIW coins and will be able to win rewards, open daily chests and participate in the market just like everyone else. Paid players only need to invest a certain amount of SIW and they will get more rewards through Adventures or Competition & Events. As for those who want to invest in tokens only, they can simply buy NFT characters and stake them for daily rewards or sell them on the market. This multiplayer approach allows free-to-play players to bypass high barriers to entry, ensuring investors with high capital or long-term investments can still enjoy the valuable benefits. CHARMING GAMEW is a survival game in a mysterious world, a game that strikes a balance between the simplicity and uniqueness of the game world. More than just a click-to-play game, players can move their characters around the screen and protect the world of Molaka from monsters and evil bosses. Each character in the game will be a separate NFT with base stats determining the character's rarity. When summoned, in addition to rarity stats and hunger points (stamina), each character has a fixed friendship point and the player must communicate with and care for the character to increase friendship. The characters in Stay In Destiny World are like real people, they have real feelings and they need our interactions to survive in Molaka World. The main game mode is NFT Collectibles & Adventure where you fight against a variety of monsters. Additionally, the game will constantly launch special events and competitions that reward players in BNB and other rewards. AMAZING GAMING ECONOMICS TO SATISFY INVESTORS For investors, SIW presents a unique model that should minimize inflation. Like other games, SIW has a main token, SIW and MOLA is a secondary token. MOLA coins are NOT TRADED and can only be exchanged for Infinity Stones. These stones are a kind of lottery ticket to spin items in Ancient Machine (Events) to increase rarity & power of the characters in the game or to be exchanged in the markets. Therefore, the game encourages players to reinvest using the resulting items. This prevents reward inflation and encourages players to join the community and stay in the game for a long time. CONCLUSION With all the potential positives, SIW is expected to become a long-lasting and attractive game in this market. If you are interested in this blockbuster, please wait for more information from our team.