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In a constantly changing economic environment, the new generations have no choice but to adapt to new technological needs. To understand it is to understand the quintessence of humanity, the evolution of society and the dynamics of new opportunities linked to services; because no one can serve without being served. The need: As pioneers of the new digital cryptocurrency economy in Africa, our duty (Global Investment Trading) is and continues to be the improvement of the business climate and the well-being of populations through the advanced technologies that make up our experience. In fact, the Context-Need study has inevitably led us to the conclusion that Africa must do it. follow the movement. Its high potential in human and natural resources predisposes it to play a leading role in the dedicated ecosystem. Our solution: Blockchain technology that provides an environment of security, transparency and independence is the miraculous innovation that is applied in all areas of life activities. This is a opportunities that Africa is seizing to transition and catch up with deadlines, being consistent with the prevailing standards to reach the pinnacle of technological excellence. The SimbCity-SimbCoin Swap project, a Context-Need solution, is a flashlight for the budget option that will bring the African vision to life in two areas: real real estate and finance Real Estate: SimbCity is an affordable luxury real estate project in an African context that is delay in infrastructure, due to the abandonment of underexploited ecotourism potential for most of our countries. Finance: The barriers to cross-border financial transactions impose a crucial economic recession that implies the obligation of vertical and timidly horizontal commercial relations. Supported by the future of the financial structure, the SimbCoin cryptocurrency shows an increase, but a smart and functional transaction model that increases the economic return of a potential initiative by 100, or 10,000 if doubled. It is therefore in a circumstantial harmony between systemic evolution and sustainability. prosperity that we have come to present specifically in terms of SimbCity and SimbCoin Swap.