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What is Pallapay? Pallapay is proud to be awarded the Most Trusted Crypto Project of 2021 at Crypto Expo Dubai. Pallapay is the only payment solution in the Middle East that enables businesses around the world to accept, process and deliver crypto payments with its suite of products, being one of the leading payment service providers in the Middle East region and in the world. What are Pallapay products? PALLA token, a utility token used to: • Pallapay fuel operations • Reduce transaction and payment costs • provide various services such as the issuance of prepaid cards Pallpay Crypto Payment Gateway which accepts any encryption on any network, enabling e-commerce businesses for the first time in the world to accept encrypted payments and receive encryption to their wallet or fiat to their account based on their choice. which is designed to accept payments in any crypto on any network, enabling retail businesses for the first time in the world to accept payments in crypto and receive crypto to their wallet or fiat currency to their account based on their choice. Pallapay Decentralized Wallet App This allows you to store, trade, buy, and sell any crypto on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tron networks, including Crypto-to-Crypto, Crypto-to-Fiat, and Fiat-to-Crypto. When you sell your crypto using the Pallapay app, you can transfer your balance to local or international bank accounts and get paid at our branches. You can order a virtual or physical Pallapay Crypto MasterCard and UnionPay card at and top up your card with PALLA Token. You can use your card for everyday spending anywhere in the world. Pallapay Crypto Exchange (Under Development) Pallapay is proud to introduce the first UAE-based cryptocurrency exchange that allows customers to exchange cryptocurrencies for other assets such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies. Pallapay cryptocurrency exchange accepts credit card payments and bank transfers.