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The OAX Foundation was born in 2017 with the belief that decentralized finance and digital assets would be an integral part of the future of traditional finance and commerce. The Foundation's long-held beliefs in the collaborative nature of decentralized finance have served as the foundation for a commitment to work with key players in the space to explore and advance the potential of the technology. As the space evolves and the market matures to offer comparable options to those seeking alternatives to traditional financial ecosystems, the need to develop technology and address the limitations of this new industry is critical to its success. Such was the need to address the four main gaps identified by the Foundation: speed, scalability, interoperability, and reliability. From decentralized or centralized exchanges, to the days of ICOs and STOs, and the budding seeds of DeFi, exploring these technologies requires pioneers within the space to work together to address these challenges. Fundación OAX is committed to providing support within this space, through tools, technology, applications and community support.