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There's a good reason online moderators are colloquially called "gatekeepers": moderation isn't easy. The essential challenge of online moderation comes from the thousand shades of gray that characterize the online world. It is not a difficult decision to ban a user who is actively coordinating terrorist attacks against a (legitimate) government. Rather, the hard cases are the ones involving edgelords: users who treat the online world like a game of Blackjack, trying to get as close as possible to the limits of acceptability (or legality) without going beyond them, perhaps as a Blackjack player tries. to win as close to 21 points as possible, but no more. The N-Word Pass token solves these problems by allowing graduated penalties to be applied to online forum users. Any online forum can create a BSC-20 compliant escrow system whereby users deposit tokens into a forum wallet. These tokens can then be stolen from rule violators' accounts (in amounts proportional to the seriousness of their violations or the degree of recidivism) and then burned or redistributed to productive forum contributors. The high granularity of N-Word Pass tokens allows for exceptional flexibility in the moderated approach. The world economy has gone through several major transitions: from hunting and gathering to subsistence farming to the industrial age to the age of financial instruments like stocks and bonds. We believe that those living today are on the verge of another financial revolution, in which we will move to an economy based on the N-word: an economic system in which the main store of value is the right of an individual to say the N-word.