Learn how to buy MoonBeans (BEANS) Token. What is it, price and benefits

MoonBeans Exchanges

Exchange Market Pairs Buy
Solarbeam MIM/USDC -
FreeRiver MIM/WMOVR -
Huckleberry MIM/TEM -
MoonBeans is one of the leading NFT marketplaces on the Moonriver and Moonbeam network, the first EVM compatible parachains built on top of Kusama and Polkadot. MoonBean's reflection-based tokenomics allows users to earn reward dividends simply by holding Beanie NFT tokens and MoonBeans in their wallets. MoonBeans $BEANS and Beanies NFT tokens also allow users to participate in the governance system: vote for new rewards, pricing structures, and more. Additionally, NFT Beanies allow holders to earn a percentage of the revenue generated from market trading fees. To date, the MoonBeans market has done over a million dollars in volume and the protocol has distributed over $500,000 in dividends to our users.