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Learn how to invest in Monolith (TKN) Token. What is it, price and risks

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Uniswap (V2) GAME/WETH -
Bancor Network DGD/BNT -
Monolith is a decentralized banking alternative, powered by Ethereum. Monolith provides a non-custodial contract wallet to securely store Ethereum-based tokens. Users can then exchange them for fiat and load them onto their Visa Monolith debit card. The contract wallet is non-custodial, open source, and decentralized. Apply advanced security features designed to protect user funds in the event of an attack. The Monolith Visa Debit Card is accepted worldwide and is currently available to residents of the EEA (31 countries in Europe). The Monolith token, TKN, offers members of the community the opportunity to participate in the success of the Monolith card. TKN is backed by a growing basket of ERC-20 tokens that people use to pay for everyday purchases. Every time a Monolith card user spends a non-TKN token, a 1% contribution is sent to the TKN Community Chest. TKN holders can cash in and burn their tokens at any time to redeem their share of the chest.