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our inspiration The combination of global isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of the technology and cryptocurrency industries provided much of the inspiration for the Mello team. The world has embarked on a journey of self-discovery in 2020-2021 that has brought about many changes in the way people interact with each other. We are driven by humanity's relentless quest for a feeling of connection and have recognized this inspiration as a call to action. Mello's vision is of a fully functional and luxurious virtual reality gaming environment, in which a myriad of fully immersive games can be played from the comfort of home. This bold vision includes the integration of the Mello token. What Mello strives to achieve Mello envisions a future where virtual reality (VR) is one of the centers of everyday life. The future dominance of virtual reality is inevitable, but Mello intends to greatly accelerate the integration of virtual reality into the everyday norm. Mello strives to disrupt the entertainment and finance industries. Our VR gaming environment concept was designed to provide gamers around the world with an immersive and exciting experience. Values ​​and attitudes At Mello we marry respect, integrity and excellence. This means keeping our promises and regularly exceeding expectations. We are determined to provide our community with a platform that is as fun as it is inclusive. The Mello team is forward-thinking and endlessly determined to manifest our vision. Virtually Miraculous Beginnings The Mello team is made up of highly qualified and motivated people from all over the world. They have been brought together by a series of extraordinarily timely events and are united by a shared vision for the future of finance and entertainment. In mid-March 2021, twelve promising investors in a new cryptocurrency project joined a community server. The twelve unique talents were destined to find each other and fulfill their chance to "catch lightning in a bottle" by starting their own project together. Mello's vision was implemented as quickly as it was conceived, and the rest is history. Everything you need to know about Mello's decentralized economic system. Binance Smart Chain: Mello Token uses fast and cheap Binance Smart Chain transactions Redistributive: 3% of each Mello transaction (off exchanges) is instantly distributed across all wallets that have Mello. Frozen Liquidity: Mello's liquidity pool is locked into PancakeSwap for 1 year. Refueling: Upon completion of the manual mastering program, there will be a maximum of 402 million Mello in circulation forever. Manual burn program: 1 million tokens burned for each of the first 10 thousand wallets until the pending offer reaches 402 million ion Zero liquidity fee: Mello does not charge any liquidity fund fee, which keeps the costs of transaction as low as possible.