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MELD is the first non-custodial, decentralized DeFi banking protocol for lending & lending. fiduciary loan and amp; cryptocurrency The MELD token is a governance token that allows holders to vote on the development of the protocol. MELD focuses on decentralized finance (DeFi), with the long-term goal of enabling more than 2 billion people, who are unbanked or have no access to banking services of any kind, to access tools and solutions. based on the exploitation of cryptocurrencies. active. The services offered by MELD include the origination of cryptocurrency-backed loans, earning interest on fiat loans for borrowers, and participation in premium incentive programs. MELD will allow instant loans against cryptocurrency holdings in a competitive APR or to receive a line of credit and pay interest only for what you use. MELD, a world-class DeFi protocol that uses the Cardano blockchain, uses smart contracts to ensure complete transparency and fairness for all parties, including borrowing, lending, and token minting.