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Lean Management Token (LEAN) creates space for a distributed community of several million management professionals. They can exchange their experiences and improve qualifications through the presence on the Lean Global Community platform for the exchange of knowledge and contacts. The Lean Community platform is closely connected to the Lean Global Marketplace, where users can provide original training, webinars, commissioned research, and products such as software, books, or industry solutions for a fee of $LEAN. The Lean Management Token developer team will provide services related to development within the Lean Global Marketplace, also in Virtual Reality (Lean VR) technology, which will revolutionize the implementation processes in the workplace, where at least dozens of millions of people. In the created Lean Community, $LEAN will be used as currency and will also be accepted as a means of payment, used for fundraising or voting in the community (C2C function). However, $LEAN is also used outside of the Lean Community, on the Lean Global Marketplace, as a payment currency for development-focused services and products. Finally, the $LEAN token will be used by companies as a currency for services, software or products (B2B). The Lean Ecosystem will create a complete work environment for people (Lean Community) and companies operating in the area of ​​Management, Education and Development. Lean Community is a global space to share knowledge for people who care about self-development and professional services for companies in Virtual Reality and Blockchain. The initial total supply of Lean Management Token (LEAN) is $LEAN 3,000,000. Token burning has been going on since the start of the project, so the total supply of $LEAN will decrease over time. The amount of LEAN$ burned will depend on the income of the largest portfolio: Job Placement & Community wallet, as this wallet will have the recording function. $LEAN revenue for this portfolio will come from the Lean Global Marketplace, Lean Community subscriptions, Lean Community member contributions, service buyback programs, etc. A negative scenario is assumed in which more than 40% of the tokens will be burned. Therefore, the circulation offer of the project will amount to a maximum of 60% of the initial total offer ($ LEAN 3,000,000), so it will not exceed $ LEAN 1,800,000. The main utility of $ LEAN will be related to the operation of the Lean Community and Lean Marketplace, for which the distribution plan of $ LEAN is presented in relation to this project. The entire Lean Community development process is carried out by the Lean Leadership Team, the Management Interns selected in the recruitment process, and the Cross-Functional Team. The Lean Leadership Team has more than 150 years of management experience. The Cross-Functional Team is a team in which people from different functions work towards a common goal: to develop the Lean Community and promote the Lean Management Token (LEAN). The cross-functional team is working on an improvement project that spans multiple functions. The funds for the remuneration of the people who make up the Lean Leadership Team and the Multifunctional Team are distributed in a single payment by the Core Team Wallet. In addition, there will be remuneration for the work of the people who make up the Lean Leadership Team, the Cross-Functional Team, as well as for the CI Practitioners who support the activities of the Lean Community (Researchers, Analysts, Leaders, Moderators, administrators).