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What is Hydraverse?Hydraverse is a metaverse PVP dragon racing game that surpasses NFT games with highly advanced AR/VR capabilities. The Hydraverse ecosystem is a perfect blend of traditional racing game and NFT game along with the most modern metaverse experience. In Hydraverse, players not only have the opportunity to enjoy a unique gaming experience, but also earn money simultaneously with the play-to-win gaming model. Who are the founders of the Hydraverse? Hydraverse Team is co-founded by a dedicated game studio – Onetap and a top 10 blockchain company in Vietnam – Chainos Solution. The core team is made up of dynamic youngsters with years of gaming experience & block chain. Drawing inspiration from legendary characters and racing games, the entire team came together to think deeply about the idea and launch the project from 2020 with the ambition to build an inclusive metaverse ecosystem to become a leader in the P2E industry. The founding team includes the following people: Ryan Nguyen - CEO: With over 10 years of work experience in the game development industry, Ryan has a strong background in advanced technologies such as 3D, AR, VR. As CEO of Onetap, Ryan has led over 25 games published by Onetapstudio with successful launches. Ryan is also the person who came up with the idea for the Hydraverse and is now in charge of the Hydraverse project manager. Toan Nguyen - CTO: Toan has joined many Blockchain projects at Chainos as a project manager and is also extraordinarily interested in researching new technologies. In the Hydraverse, Toan handles the development of the main blockchain. Quang Nguyen - COO: As Game Performance Manager, Quang has a pretty strict eye on the delivery of any project that is key to a successful launch at Onetapstudio. Quang heads up the game development team for Hydraverse Tracy Hoang - CMO: Tracy has worked as a marketer for several large companies in Vietnam. By joining Hydraverse, she aims to bring this amazing game to a large number of cryptocurrency traders & racing game fans. # What makes the Hydraverse unique? metaverse Hydraverse will also blend in with the current wave of so-called "metaverse" games, providing a digital world in which players can navigate their dragons. Hydraverse follows the traditional racing game. However, our character is unique. From owning a single Hydraverse dragon, you can take part in countless gaming activities, including breeding, training, racing, renting, and gambling. So along with your unique tactics in training and a bit of luck, you might as well team up with Hydracup to win the biggest prize ever. NFT 3D NFT games are all the rage lately, with prices and user numbers skyrocketing. Hydraverse believes in the power to level up gaming by integrating Blockchain, allowing players to have verifiable ownership of non-fungible gaming assets.