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What is Howlcity HowlCity is a metaverse game where users race motorcycles, make new friends, and design their own world. Players will not only participate in a 3D Play-to-ear motorcycle racing game, win the game and get rewards, but also join a Metaverse city, interact with other players and satisfy their creativity. HowlCity game is currently playable on desktop browser, website and in the next phase on mobile. HowlCity in phase 1 is basically a racing game. This will be a perfect choice for fans who want to experience thrills, race on the track and compete with each other over every kilometer. Entering the world of HowlCity, the user will assume the status of a pilot, try to compete with opponents and receive valuable rewards such as tokens, NFTs and points. With the development orientation to become a multigame and metaverse game, HowlCity will also try to simulate the image of a real life scene. In addition to racing, riders can also buy, sell, rent bikes, trade in-game properties, interact with other riders, and upgrade properties. HowlCity is powered by a single token that is used for the ecosystem, the utility, and even in GamePlay, namely $HWL. Riders can earn $HWL by selling NFTs or trading on the exchange at the closest time. Token: $HWL Starting Market Cap: $281,250 Total Initial Supply: 11,250,000 HWL Total supply: 540,000,000 HWLC Who are the founders of HOWLCITY? HOLCITY is the brainchild of Bui Cai and a team of 15 game developers who have been working in the gaming industry for more than 5-10 years. Cai started his career as a team leader and game developer since 2010. In 2017 he held the position of CEO of GameLand, until 2018 as a Blockchain researcher and developer. In 2019 he became the former CEO of StudioH. After many years of work and extensive experience, he is currently the CEO and founder of HowlCity. In addition to Mr. Bui Cai, the team is also supported and directed by experienced staff in the industry. These are Mr. Binh Mai - CTO/Co-founder, Duy Anh - Game Leader, Harry Pham - Game Manager, Hanh Nguyen - Backend Leader, Duy Quang - Blockchain Developer, Huy Le - Game Leader and Hang Nguyen - Game Artist. Mr. Vo Anh was previously a Game Developer since 2014 at GameLoft and until 2019 he is a Lead Game Developer at VRtech Joint Stock Company. Mr. Duy Anh – Our Backend Manager has had experience in a similar position at EMDDI JSC since 2018, Backend Developer at Merchize/Foobla since 2014, and Backend Developer at FSoft since 2012. Where can I buy HWL? (HOWL CITY) HWL is currently available for trading on Pancakeswap.