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The H2OC coin is the world's first water cryptocurrency that enables the world to address water scarcity one infrastructure project at a time. Anyone can buy H2OC tokens all over the world. The great thing about H2OC is that it is more than just a water service token. The H2OC token can be used to purchase H2OC digital titles. These shares positively change the world and have an impact in solving humanity's water crisis, while providing its holder with a secure and continuous financial return and a seamless exit from the capital market. Once you have used your H2OC tokens to purchase H2OC digital securities, the resources for water production will be purchased. These resources can be desalination plants, sewage plants, dams, surface water treatment plants and others, anywhere in the world. These plants belong to the owners of H2OC Digital Security through Smart Contracts. Monthly rebates from funded plants are paid directly in H2OC tokens to H2OC Digital Security holders thus creating a sustained increase in demand for the H2OC token. All of our projects come from a global network of water industry stakeholders and uphold the highest ESG and ecological standards. We are targeting a typical project size of $20 million consisting of brand new infrastructure, replacements, retrofits or upgrades and upgrades to existing infrastructure. This new financial model allows us to (i) reduce the cost of water and (ii) increase the volume of water production worldwide. The world's best engineering firms and young technology companies provide the engineering and skills needed to manufacture and supply the water systems, while the risk is managed through AA insurance companies.