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Golos is an application on CyberWay with the same blocking history as the Golos chain prior to August 15, 2019. Launched on October 18, 2016 as a fork of the Steem blockchain, Golos describes itself as a Steem blockchain. social networks that allows its users to receive rewards for generating content and social activities on its decentralized platform. It was designed as an inexpensive game with some gamification elements, in which the influence of each participant is determined by their Golos power and the intensity of their use. Initially, the Golos blockchain was conceived as a social network for Runet journalists and bloggers, as a blogosphere and uncensored media outlet. The Golos blockchain uses the DPOS consensus algorithm proposed by Dan Larimer, which supposedly provides high transaction speeds and network bandwidth. The Golos blockchain code is based on the Graphene 2 code base.