GokuMarket Credit

GokuMarket Credit (GMC) Token Buying Guide - Explanation, Quote and Yields

GokuMarket Credit Exchanges

Exchange Market Pairs Buy
ProBit Global LTC/USDT -
GokuMarket XEM/BTC -
Launched on 09/02/2020, GokuMarket Credit is an BEP20 utility token that enables the GokuMarket blockchain economy with multiple functionalities and utilities on both the Regulated Financial Services (CEX) and the Decentralized Commerce (DEX) GokuMarket platforms. Some of the utilities are shopping for products and gift cards, earn cashback and staking rewards, pay for trading fees and trade with other cryptos, support the governance of community-driven activities, buy and top-up debit cards and more. The purpose of GMC is to give the community an incentive to buy, store, and primarily use GMC for more and more real world utilities.