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What is EDC? EDAC is the tokenization of mining power, on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum (ERC20 token). Token holders can contribute to the process of securing PoW blockchain networks while benefiting from bulk rewards directly with EDAC. How does it work? The process is as follows: EDAC tokens are sold and used to buy energy hashrate, that is, through a platform. This power generates mining rewards. The net proceeds (about 50% of all ETH rewards) are used to buy back the EDAC coins, which will be burned immediately. This steady demand and declining supply should drive the EDAC price to new all-time highs. Upon reaching an ATH (not before), it is possible to sell up to 0.5% of the token supply to buy new mining capacity, forming a virtuous circle of returns. Who are the founders of EDAC? The Founder is Alex Serbanoiu, serial entrepreneur and manager of JEP Sports, Partner and board member of CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu and CEO and founder of Grupo Elias. What makes EDAC unique? It is a self-compounding hyperdeflationary generative/productive token, which obtains: Constant Demand The EDAC token periodically generates its demand thanks to the rewards of mining activity and integrates an automatic burning mechanism that reduces the circulating supply. This decreasing supply coupled with constant demand (which comes directly from premiums from the mining business) will cause its price to trend upwards. Redistribution in bitcoin (passive income) 1% of the trading volume will be automatically redistributed among the holders with a transaction fee and another 1% will be added to the Liquidity Pool.