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e-Gulden is a project started by a group of students in the Netherlands. Its mission was to present a local alternative to the euro and bitcoin. In July 2014, a group of volunteers created the Electroniic Gulden Foundation. The current goal of the Electronic Gulden Foundation is community building, particularly within the Dutch community. Their approach to addressing the 51% attack vulnerability inherent in PoW coins was through the use of an "oeruschield" extension, named after two core developers of e-Gulden. This shield implies "identified mining". Reportedly, Dutch companies registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce can apply for certification in order to operate a certified mining pool, 1 in 6 e-gulden blocks must be mined from a certified mining pool. Currently, 3 of these pools are operational. These mining pools reportedly control 1/6 of the difficulty of the e-gulden network.