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DeepBrain Chain was founded in November 2017 with the goal of building an infinitely scalable, distributed high-performance computing network based on blockchain technology and becoming the most important infrastructure in the 5G + AI era. Humanity is entering the age of intelligence and artificial intelligence has been integrated into all aspects of people's lives. The AI ​​troika: deep models, big data (Internet, sensors, IOT), and high-performance computing (GPUs, FPGAs, specialty chips). Single depth models have an increasing demand for computing power: ImageNet image recognition - 1 ~ 10 GPUs, AlphaFold / AlphaFold2 - 100 ~ 200 GPUs, BERT language model - 100 ~ 200 GPUs, using 1026 TPUs, the time training time can be reduced to 76 minutes, GPT-3 language model: 1000 OpenAI GPUs, 175 billion parameters, training once consumes millions of dollars, large-scale multi-modal pre-training model: 2000 GPUs Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI). The race for artificial intelligence is the race for computing power: Solving the problem of supply and demand for computing power and rewarding computing power is imminent. DeepBrain Chain hopes to build a distributed and infinitely scalable high-performance computing network through blockchain technology to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement of AI computing power around the world, promote popularization and democratization of the computing power of AI and hasten the arrival of the era. of artificial intelligence.