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What is Chronotech? provides blockchain-based solutions for recruitment, human resources, and payment processes, lowering barriers to accessing work and transferring funds securely in the global job market. The project's suite of services, and the native TIME governance token, are hosted on various blockchains and include, an independent peer-to-peer marketplace,, a Plasma-based cryptocurrency exchange; AUDT, a stablecoin backed by the Australian dollar; and PaymentX, a cryptocurrency billing and payroll solution. TIME tab The TIME token is the native token of the ecosystem and can be used within its products, e.g. to guarantee the status of the premium account, as well as staking TEMPO on to receive the income generated by all services. In November 2020, the original TIME token was upgraded to the new ERC677 standard, allowing it to integrate with other DeFi protocols, enable low-cost transactions, and provide other benefits, while remaining fully ERC20 compliant. The new TIME 2.0 token contract also included updated metadata about the project's ecosystem and aims to solve a number of issues in the global recruiting and labor markets: • is's freelancing portal. The service allows freelancers and clients to organize work through digital agreements, powered by smart contracts. All payments are linked and made in cryptocurrency. Once a job is completed, deposited payments are automatically released. In case of disagreement, a dispute resolution service is available • is's cryptocurrency exchange. TimeX is a hybrid plasma-based exchange that offers the benefits of both centralized and decentralized technologies. The use of Plasma allows for a fast and secure exchange of digital assets. The conventional interface offers a user-friendly trading experience. Based in Australia, TimeX is licensed and complies with the rules and best practices required by AUSTRAC, the country's financial intelligence agency. TimeX is listed on CoinMarketCap. • is the ecosystem's DeFi yield farming application where TIME holders can stake their token to earn income generated by all products in the product range. 100% of generated revenue is distributed weekly to TIME holders • is a stable coin, hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and backed 1:1 with Australian dollars (AUD). Using AUDT allows merchants to move money in and out of the blockchain ecosystem from an Australian bank account, store AUD value on the blockchain, and transfer funds anywhere in the world, quickly and easily. AUDT is one of the major fiat currencies traded on TimeX. AUDT is fully compliant with AUSTRAC requirements and is regularly audited by a licensed third-party auditing firm.• is a multi-currency crypto payroll solution that enables individuals and businesses to integrate crypto payments into their billing processes trade journals. Contractors can submit professional invoices and specify a crypto wallet for payment. Businesses can pay multiple invoices with a single click, while the software automatically converts the equivalent dollar amount owed into cryptocurrency at the time of the transaction, avoiding the need for manual calculations.• is a multi-blockchain tokenbridge developed internally that supports more blockchains like Ethereum and BSC. Allows the transfer of TIME tokens between networks.