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Banana Guide (BAN) Token. Project explained, price and staking

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SpookySwap WFTM/MIM -
PancakeSwap (V2) LTC/WBNB -
Txbit GRC/BTC -
Greenhouse LUNA/BAN -
ApeSwap (BSC) ETC/WBNB -
qTrade DGB/BTC -
Hotbit PPC/USDT -
Mercatox DOPE/BTC -
Banana describes itself as a potash-rich, instant, and sentimentless cryptocurrency powered by direct acyclic graph (DAG) technology that aims to disrupt the meme economy. Banana was a hard fork of the Nano coin in 2018. The current team includes members who had previously worked on Nano and are represented by avatars of dancing bananas on the coin's website. Key features of Banano include: the block lattice, a game on the block lattice, the DAG architecture; instant and free transactions; expendable tokens; Daily airdrops and more. Users who want to get Banana tokens must first create a wallet. They can then participate in airdrops, Banana cryptocurrencies, and more. Banano's website is community-focused, with a section for community-created projects, team announcements and updates, and social engagement platforms like Discord, Reddit, and Telegram. Additionally, the page is packed with memes, monkey and banana animations, witty team member profiles, meme testimonials, and FAQs. This is a testament to the team's mission to attract "normal" or cryptocurrency newbies to cryptocurrency in a fun, meme-filled environment, before educating them the right way. To track Banana prices in real time, download the CoinMarketCap mobile app and check cryptocurrency prices on the go. To check the price of Bananas Now in the fiat currency of your choice, you can use CoinMarketCap's conversion function directly on the Bananas price page. Curious about the crypto space? Read our educational section - Alexandria.