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Akitavax is a community-driven meme-based cryptocurrency project that takes a different approach to the technologies that other meme coins serve. Akitavax was not created as an ordinary meme token project, all critical decisions about the project are made by the founders, rather it was created as a community meme token project that aims to engage all enthusiasts to contribute to our social and artistic movement. this project, the token named $AKITAX is minted in line with the community driven strategy. This token runs on the Avalanche Network. The reliability of the avalanche network was the most important reason why this token was minted on this network. At the same time, the fact that the network is fast, cheap and green has proven to be a great advantage. As a token created in the spirit of the decentralized finance (DEFI) era, Akitavax is designed to feature many technologies in its interface and quickly adapt to new technologies. The first intention of Akitavax is to be the main symbol of the community and the symbol of the Avalanche ecosystem. Another purpose of Akitavax is to bring the Akita breed to the point that it deserves among other meme tokens. Furthermore, Akitavax has decided to be the fairest and most transparent meme token on The Avalanche Network. While the developer team has set the initial direction for the project, members of the Akitavax community will play a critical role in shaping the future journey of the token. Akitavax is created via fair release with much of the community allocation, and it is understood that each component of the Akitavax ecosystem will be designed to involve AKITAX in some way, either directly (eg within the product) or indirectly (for example, through a buyback and burn mechanism).